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About School

Baba Gandha Singh Public School is an English Medium, co-educational school to be affiliated C.B.S.E , New Delhi. It is run on Public School lines and aims at imparting education of a high quality because education is one of the most valuable assets of an individual in the present age. It is being increasingly realised that good education of the primary and secondry stages in just as important as higher education. The school draws its inspiration from the great ethical and moral principals enshrined in the teachings of the Gurus. Divinity is tought thoughout at school as a regular part of the curriculum. .

Aims And Objects

The school lays stress in the all round development of its pupils and trains them mentally, spiritually and physically to face the world of tomorrow in every sphere of activity by:

  • Helping the students to become mature, spiritually oriented people of character by intilling
  • Inclucating the spirit of team work and Co-opration alongwith healthy competition promoting a spirit of service and loyality.
  • Urging them to build a healthy and strong body by physical exercises, games and sports.
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